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Kongkengguwarr | Longkewar | Rosetta Head

The Bluff Master Plan

​The Bluff, also known as Kongkengguwarr, Longkewar and Rosetta Head, is a much loved iconicVictor Harbor landmark. As a prominent landscape reference within the Fleurieu Peninsula landscape, The Bluff plays an important role in the environmental, recreational, tourism, heritage, community and cultural value of those who share an ongoing connection to The Bluff.

The Draft Master Plan provides;

• A short, medium and long-term (0-20 years) strategic document and vision for the area.
• Provides a framework, highlighting key principles and considerations to assist future planning or decision-making processes.
• Recommendations to future management, enhancement and opportunities to guide budget allocations, investment and grant funding opportunities.
• A resource for Council to seek support, direction and feedback to ensure alignment of a shared vision.

Location: Victor Harbor, SA

Project: Masterplan & community engagement

Client: The City of Victor Harbor

Completion: 2022 - Ongoing

Country: Ramindjeri and Ngarrindjeri


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